Delicious Dining Down Under

Long table lunch, Barossa

It's time to forget the clichés and swap the standard "stick another shrimp on the Barbie" for something a little more distinctive.

How about a Southern Rock Lobster pulled straight from the ocean, followed by a carefully selected basket of ash-rolled cheese? We can show you how to build the perfect holiday with a balance of fine dining, specialist bars, top-rated cafes and multi-cultural eat streets.

An Australian gourmet holiday will stimulate your senses, what are you waiting for?

Be consumed in Australia's food capital

Prepare to be surprised at South Australia's wholehearted approach to cuisine. Any seasoned travel foodie is sure to tell you the Australian clichés of barbecues and Vegemite are a far cry from the successfully emerging eat-local focus.

A menu of culinary delights awaits you in Australia's food and wine capital; an exciting array of mouthwatering locally reared lamb, hand-fed Angus beef or freshly caught shrimp, oysters, crayfish and tuna are all guaranteed to hit the spot. Make sure you sample delicious local treats at the sensational selection of award-winning restaurants, where you'll also experience some of the finest views in South Australia.

Take your taste buds on holiday - this is vintage South Australia.

Food icon, Maggie Beer

Meet Australian food icon Maggie Beer

Our Australia expert, Annette Morrissey, spoke to bona fide living legend of South Australian foodie culture Maggie Beer at her Farm Shop in the Barossa, to find out more about the foodie phenomenon and get her take on South Australian food and wine.

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What aspect of your career and your business are you most proud of?

This is a very hard question to answer! I'll have to give my top six which are a mix of personal and business achievements:

  • My partnership with Colin, two strong daughters and five beautiful grandchildren.
  • Creating the Pheasant Farm Restaurant against all odds.
  • Being named Senior Australian of the Year.
  • Building our export kitchen in the Barossa where every product we make on a commercial scale we do with the same care and flavour as if it was made in my own kitchen. Short cuts are an anathema to me!
  • Most recently finding myself on a stamp as part of the Australia Post Legends series launched last month - what an honour!
  • Having a group of friends I sing with every week - just for joy!

What might surprise the first-time visitor about South Australian cuisine?

Perhaps how fiercely loyal SA business is to its producers. I'm always so impressed that the culture amongst restaurant and cafe owners is always to source SA produce first. It helps make the experience of SA-grown produce so accessible to everyone, whether living here or visiting.

You've unparalleled experience of South Australian food culture. For those less familiar but interested in knowing more, how would you sum up the food scene?

If I had to describe South Australian cuisine in a word, it would probably be fresh and vibrant. We're very lucky in Australia to have such a diversity of cultures from which we can swap and borrow to make up our own version of local cuisine. We are such a young country that we are still developing an Australian cuisine; it's an ever growing thing, which is wonderful, but particularly with South Australian food 'produce is the star' will always be key.

What excites you about South Australian cuisine?

The fact that we are young enough in our food culture to still give anything a go, rather than be restricted by preconceived concepts of what can or can't be done, or tied to traditions so ingrained that new thoughts never have the space to surface. I've seen some amazing food ideas come to fruition against all odds and that really excites me.

What do you recommend visitors try out from the South Australian pantry?

Again, a very difficult question because of the sheer volume of great SA produce, but to highlight a few I'd suggest some of the products I've chosen to stock alongside of my own at our Farm Shop: my daughter, Saskia's, range of products, Pangkarra pasta, Carême pastry, Barossa Coffee Roasters coffee,Scullery Made teas, cheese by Barossa Valley Cheese, Kernich's Jersey milk. And then further beyond the Barossa: Nolan's Rd chickpeas and lentils, fresh South Australian seafood, especially whiting, Haigh's chocolate, Coorong Angus Beef, the list goes on… The wonderful thing is that each region of SA has its own specialties so there will always be something to discover no matter where you find yourself.

Expert Tip

Ask us to reserve you a table at Orana in Adelaide, Appellation at The Louise, Hentley Farm, or Magill Estate as far ahead as possible. These multi award-winning restaurants get booked up months ahead.